TIM MILLER, FOUND THEATER featured in Long Beach Post “The 7: Things to do this weekend…”


Tim Miller is one of the pillars on which American performance art has been built. Which made us do a very happy double-take when we saw that East Village Caravanserai was presenting Miller doing a performance of his “A Body in the O” at the Found Theater. The show is based on Miller’s recently published book, his fifth, that provides a survey of sorts of his wide-ranging career that dates back to the early ’80s and has dealt with everything ranging from gay marriage to immigration to the creative process, etc. Miller was one of the NEA Four who had their National Endowment for the Arts grants rescinded by the Bush White House; Miller’s crime being he talked in his show about being gay, which he is, so he did. (With the help of the ACLU, Miller and the others successfully sued on the grounds that their First Amendment rights had been violated, so, if it seems insane that this even happened, thank Tim.) And, if you think this is a case of a big star kind of parachuting in for a night, just know that Tim Miller was born and raised in, wait for it, Whittier!

Another great thing: The show is a paltry $15. Fifteen bucks! You’d spend more getting into watch “Angry Birds 2.”

Giving us a moment’s pause: We still pine for the dear, departed Seafare Inn; best reason to go to Whittier.

The Found Theater is located at 599 Long Beach Blvd. For more information or tickets, click here.

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High Art and Tent Cities: an Unlikely Reflection on Mozart’s Idomeneo


CONTACT:      Victoria Bryan, Co-founder, 562.338.8882

                        Sherry Diamond, Co-founder, 562.200.1078


DATELINE: Long Beach – The East Village Art Park transforms into both an opera house and a tent city in east village caravanserai’s second production of its inaugural season on Saturday, April 13th, during the monthly Second Saturday Art Walk.

Directed by former Arts Council for Long Beach President and Professor of Opera Marco Schindelmann, University of Redlands Opera students create an interactive and contemporary connection between its ancient themes of exile, displacement and violence and our current reality of homelessness, immigration, and hardening borders.

With set design by Utopia Restaurant owner, and Installation Artists’ Group FLOOD/PUMP co-founder Kamran Assadi, the East Village Art Park is transformed into an other-worldly encampment, hung with blankets and sheets (available to any persons sleeping rough at show’s end), incorporates a variety of media. Also available to attendees, is a postcard, ready to post to their Congressional Representatives encouraging their support of H.R.6, the American Dream and Promise Act of 2019, an alternative to DACA.

east village caravanserai is co-founded by Victoria Bryan and Sherry Diamond, long time arts advocates and theatre artists. Its mission is to curate chamber theatre and performative arts pieces addressing socially relevant issues that foster dialogue, and inspire action. Tearing down the walls that hold the mystery of theatre within, east village caravanserai exposes its work by using site-specific, open and public spaces. Events are free – or pay-what-you can.

WHAT:            Idomeneo

WHERE:          East Village Art Park, 150 Elm Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802

WHEN:           Saturday, April 13, 2019, Transient between 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

COST:              FREE – Please consider bringing one pair of new, packaged socks for donation to services for people experiencing homelessness.

east village caravanserai: theatre in plain sight