Live theatre during the time of Covid19. On April 30, east village caravanserai presented a page from Monkey Island Chili, an original work-in-progress that we anticipate will be performed later in 2020. This eight minute and sixteen second performance took place in Utopia Restaurant, with one actor zoomed in from San Jose and the audience comprised of passers-by. The actors were masked. The audience was sparse. Theatre occurred.

Dido & Aeneas full show video

Promo Video for Dido & Aeneas

Excerpt from Charisma, about a woman who sleeps in her car, presented September 8, 2018, at a caravanserai fundraising launch. This street theatre engaged passersby as well at attendees at the event.

By dawn’s early light, on January 20, 2017, Marco Schindelmann performed his original version of the National Anthem to mark Inauguration Day.  On a Linden Avenue porch, he voiced the beginning of this new era.